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About Our Company Offering Flushable Wipes Holders

​In the life of a toddler, potty training can be as monumental as life’s later hurdles such as going to college or landing that first job. It is one of the first steps a child takes when going from being a baby to becoming a big boy or girl. Parents often discuss the progress of their kids’ potty training, or lack thereof. And for many, the stress associated with this critical stage in toddler’s life can be as deep as the stress of applying to college or interviewing for that first job! 

Regardless if your child is a super-star potty trainer or a late bloomer, why not make it as easy as possible for all involved? Keep it simple by making sure your child has all the tools he or she needs at his or her fingertips. Flushable wipes are extremely useful during this transitional potty training time. And let’s face it; flushable wipes are extremely useful during any stage of life and The Wipe House is the perfect flushable wipes solution. Why would you want to have wipes in an ugly plastic tub sitting on the back of your toilet bowl? Worse case scenario is the wipes are completely out of the reach of your child and he or she needs to leave the toilet on a searching expedition. This can lead to a less than optimum outcome. Keep the wipes under the toilet paper roll so everyone knows where they are each and every time. Location, location, location! Would you keep your toilet paper somewhere other than on the roll? Most likely you would not. Treat your flushable wipes the same way. 

The Wipe House allows you to keep your bathroom tidy and organized. The wipes and flushable wipes holder are where they belong so your family can confidently establish an independent and sanitary bathroom routine.

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